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Tipton Innovations Continues

With These New Products


Pressurized Mass Flow

Compared to Conventional Centrifugal Barrel
  • 60% to 70% Reduction in Process Time
  • Highly Reduced Impingement 
    • Greatly Reduces Part on Part Damage
    • 25% to 70% Reduction in Media Wear!
  • Greater Surface Smoothness are Achievable
  • Innovated design leads to faster change over time

Mighty Mild has many applications including medical devices, medical implants and parts used in the aerospace industry. It's designed for processing of very hard materials such as Titanium, Tungsten,  Tungsten Carbide and many other steel alloys  in shorter process times. While being more aggressive it also reduces the violent part movements that result in unwanted impingement. Hence the name Mighty Mild.

Clearance  Zero
Zero Gap Centrifugal Disk
  • Designed to Process Small Parts
  • Capable of Using Small Media
  • Designed for Wet Processes
  • 3 Convient Sizes 
    • 15 Liters (.5 cu.ft.)
    • 40 liters (1.4 cu.ft.)
    • 90 liters (3 cu.ft.)


  • Cutting tool Mirror finishing
  • Artificial joint Surface finishing
  • Precious metal Mirror finishing
  • Metal parts Smooth to Mirror finish
  • 3D printer products Surface finish
Ever Expanding Media Selection
High Quality Ceramic, Plastic and Porcelain
  • Made Only With High Quality Raw Material
  • Precisely Controlled Tunnel Kilns Produce:
    • Faster Cutting with Lower Wear Rates
    • Longer Life in High Energy Finishing Equipment
    • Consistent Results From Batch to Batch
    • Smaller Carbon Footprint
  • Wide Variety of Shapes and Sizes
  • Innovation in Producing Very Small, Defined Shape Media for the Ever Imaginative Smaller Designed Parts 

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