Tipton EFF
Centrifugal Disc Machines
EFF-40R           EFF-40D               EFF-105R                   EFF-105 SA               EFF-105 SA+
EFF-105FA                        EFF-205FA                                EFF-355FA

       A rotating disc is situated at the bottom of a stationary tub. As the disc rotates a centrifugal force is generated and the accelerated contents rise upwards along the sidewall of the stationary tub. Then at the top dead center the contents lose the upward acceleration and flow downwards like an eddy flow due to the gravitational force.  It is easy to operate and easily automated. Due to inherent gap between rotating disc and tub walls special considerations must be given to part and media selection for this type of processing.
Working Capacity 40-60% of Total Capacity

Provides results up to 15 times faster than Vibratory Finishing

Centrifugal Disc Finishing
Available in Standard, Semi or Fully Automatic Operation
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